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...uhm... [02 Aug 2011|05:29pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Some demented soul used the Unreal Engine to redo Mario Bros.

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Nali Weapons 3 [07 Jul 2011|01:19pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

but wait, there's moreCollapse )

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UT3 Icons [30 Nov 2007|02:44pm]

Unreal Tournament 3 Icons

( Anyone else want some? )

- comment if you take
- credit when you use

>>More Of My Icons!
- Ressources
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Unreal Tournament OST [19 Nov 2006|06:39pm]
Hey all!!

I was wondering if anyone could upload the original Unreal Tournament OST (In other words Unreal Tournament 1999) for me via YSI (Not in a zip file) thanks in advance if anyone can......^_~ I was also wondering if you could ever buy the actual OST of the game? As far as I know one was never made?

Tracklisting of the OST I am looking for is under the cut -

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[25 Jul 2006|05:31am]
If you ask anyone who is Criterion Games, they will probably not know at all. Although, if they are a big gamer, they will know that the company has made Black, and the Burnout Series. As you know, the burnout series, and Black is mainly based on one thing, damage. You can cause so much damage on those games, it's not even funny. You can pretty much destroy everything in your path... http://game-era.com/review/id/12
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Can't Access My Linux UT Server [25 Aug 2005|07:23pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Here's the scoop:

I am running UT GOTY (436 patch) on Windows XP SP2.  I have cable internet, and my home network is routed through a DLink DI-524 router.

Yesterday I was playing an internet game, hosted on my machine.  I have the port forwarding set up on my router so that port 7777 was forwarded to the machine I was playing on.  My friend was able to connect to my game by using the IP that the outside world sees for me.  All was good.

Today I decided to set up a dedicated server on my Debian Linux box.  I got the server and everything installed and running.  It works fine.  I changed the port forwarding on the router to point 7777 to the linux box instead of the windows box. I also set up port forwarding on 7778 for the server web admin.

The problem is this:

I'm not able to connect to the server from the windows box using the outside world IP address.  I can get in and play on it just fine if I use the local IP that I have assigned to it on my LAN, but it cannot be accessed outside my LAN.

So, can anybody tell me why it doesn't appear to be forwarding the ports? Is there something different I have to do with Linux for port forwarding to work?

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Greetings Fellow Gamers [21 Aug 2005|04:16pm]

I love Unreal Tournament 2004. I haven't been able to play it since last March due to circumstances listed in my journal. I miss the game very much and hope to be able to play it again very soon. When I am able to play, I'm {JCS}Swift_Claw and I play as a deinonychus.

My favorite game type is ONS and my favorite map in that is Apocalypse. My favorite vehicles are the Levi, the Raptor and the Manta. My favorite weapons are Flak and Mini.

Peace for now.
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problem with game of the year edition [21 Jun 2005|03:34pm]

my computer decided to become complete shit and stopped letting me play games on it about half a year ago. i recently got a new laptop and one of the first things i did was install ut (call me old fashioned but i've played all the new ut's and goty is still my favorite). however, when i try to find mulitplayer games online it never works. i've installed the 436 update and bonus packs. any idea what the problem could be?

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[16 Jun 2005|08:56pm]

I figured this was funny and UT-related enough to post to my journal AND here, so here goes...

The saga of the bulletproof egg.Collapse )

the map's ONS-Midworld, available at spoondog's site. Admittedly, I didn't keep it on my HD (ONS isn't my thing - but if you're any bigger a fan of it than I am, chances are you'll definitely want the map) for very long, but those eggs caught my eye.
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Hello [02 Jun 2005|07:14pm]

Hello everybody, just signed up.

Enjoy UT04, when I get to play it, which isn't often, but oh well. I'm usually playing RPG Invasion, regular weapons, or IINV. My name is |/eLociTy. If ya see me, gimme a shout or something.

I have one question about the game. With the media player on it, (press F10, 11, 12 or something like that), how do you upload music to it? I can make playlists with the music in UT, but that's it. Some help would be greatly appreciated. Later.
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[02 Jun 2005|05:39pm]

So I just recently reinstalled UT2004, and got the Editor's Choice bonus pack. I've gotta say, the new vehicles rock. I love them all. Haven't had a chance to use the Cicada in MP, nor the SPMA usefully, but the Paladin wins games. Park that bad boy on the last node before your opponents' power core while it builds, fire up the shield and sit back. Then to top it off, you can sit there and defend the node too, allowing your teammates to kick some power core ass.
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Oh, look! [12 May 2005|06:45pm]

This place seems half-dead, but I'm going to join anyway:

In a nutshell, a friend of mine introduced me to UT2004 via the game soundtrack and a few videos he had made. Gryph is very interested (any FPS that won't make my parents have a hissy fit is fine by me), and goes to spend $40 on it a couple weeks later (this happened to be sometime around september, 2004, if I remember correctly).

I've been playing ever since. Got Unreal 2 and UT2003 recently, in fact (Although I have yet to install 2003, minding what I've heard of it).

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[24 Apr 2005|04:08am]

I can't help but wonder if maybe the Midway brand didn't influence Epic a bit in designing UC2... It's got a slightly more arcadey feel to it, owing perhaps to the fact that you select your weapons beforehand and can only choose 2 weapons, plus the pistol and melee weapon of whichever character you select. The adrenaline abilities are also very, very reminiscent of "super" bars that had become so ubiquitous in the 2D fighting games of yore. The character select screen is also similarly styled to fighting games.

I've always loved Midway. They've just got... some ability to make games which might not be as deep or realistic as some games, but they make that into a strength rather than a weakness. Midway games tend to be over the top and viscerally enjoyable, and I'd say that UC2 has adopted that style admirably except, of course, that that has always been the heart of the Unreal Tournament series. Fast, frenetic, primal gameplay. Unreal and Midway, a match made in heaven?
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[21 Apr 2005|07:21pm]

I am so in love with Unreal.

Today on the way home from school I decided to stop and get Iron Phoenix for the Xbox. It's a multiplayer fighting game (or a 3rd person shooter with melee weapons, if you prefer), and that's a concept I really like. Have ever since Heretic 2. That was the first action game I really got into playing online, and the staff battles were intense.

Anyways, I got home and was about to open it, but I've gotten in the habit of checking reviews for games before I do, so I checked out Gamespot (one of the few sites I trust) and decided after reading their review that the game probably sucks horribly. So I'm gonna go return it...

But I've still got an itch for a new game. So I checked out the Xbox pages of Gamestop and EBWorld to see what they were hocking... Had a list of games, Pariah, Area 51 and Predator: Concrete Jungle. Then I saw Unreal Championship 2.

I looked up a review for that, and apparently they completely re-engineered it for the Xbox, making melee weapons a much bigger focus and making it 3rd person...

So basically, they made the game I was looking for in Iron Phoenix.

Hell yeah.

Now I just hope they let you pole-vault... :)
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hi [21 Apr 2005|12:04pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

hi everyone!

new member, i love unreal tournament, played it online before but it tend to like it by myself. everyone had different speeds and they thought they were good cuz they used cheats. its called using the skillful techniques. but anyway im ramblin thought id say hi and you have probably heard this loads but "Die Bitch!" hehe or "Try turnin the safety off" xxxxxx

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No Broadband Here [03 Aug 2004|10:57am]

Is it possible (not a pain in the ass) to play Unreal '04 on dial-up?

I have yet to buy the game, but a co-worker said even the single player is awesome, but I kinda like multi player net games.




Is there anything I could do to make it run and faster or more efficent? Like closing programs (crt-alt-delete). Or more MB (that is memory, right?)? I have 256 now.

Thanks again for the feedback guys, I appreciate it.
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i know this -IS- an unreal community but i might as well give it a shot [28 Jul 2004|11:12am]

[ mood | bored ]

...is anyone going to quakecon? *dodges tomatoes and other objects thrown at him* >_>

i'm posting this since it's 14 days away. all kidding aside, i'm thinking that even though it's called quakecon, this year it'll be more like doom3con, but it's really not like everyone at the BYOC will be playing that and q3a the entire time. there are a few 2k4 BYOC insta/norm weap/CTF/TDM side tournaments planned along with the serious Q3A 1v1/CTF tournaments.

i really hope i'm not the only one in this community going D: i asked in a quake community and no one else sounds like they're coming.
(but i bet i'm going to have to try asking again when people AREN'T at CPL)

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Also introducing myself... [28 Jul 2004|11:13am]

[ mood | groggy ]

Hmm...where to start...okay, I have Unreal Tournament 2004. I really got hooked on Unreal Tournament at the end of last school year; we got to play Unreal Tournament 2003 (the demo version, though) over LAN. I only got to play Bombing Run and Team Deathmatch, but I was hooked. The next day I bought UT2k4. Yay! So, I've only been playing since the beginning of June, plus I suck at FPSs in general, but I'm getting a little better.

My favorite arena has to be Tokara Forest. It's a DM map that either came in one of the Bonus Packs or off www.unrealplayground.com (can't remember which). It's just so puuuuuurdy. :D My favorite mode is either Onslaught or Team Deathmatch. Has to be teams. Otherwise...I don't last too long XD

My random and probably well-known words of wisdom: when downloading user-created maps, get one at a time and make sure they work. I went crazy with downloading them, but I didn't check whether each one worked, so when I went to start the game...FATAL ERROR! My computer automatically alphabetized the map icons, so I couldn't tell/remember which maps I had last downloaded. So...I uninstalled the whole game. Reinstalled it. Still didn't work. I realized I hadn't manually deleted all the maps and crap. So, uninstalled it AGAIN, reinstalled it...and the graphics were a million times better. I could go into why this was, but I've already written a bunch of useless crap anyways. But if you're curious...

Anyway...um, hi!

Oh! Almost forgot! I'm Tanuki on UT2k4. Imagine that.

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[27 Jul 2004|09:50pm]
Hey, just thought I'd introduce myself. I've been playing Unreal Tournament now since it came out, although I did stop for a year and I've only just started playing again. I'm currently digging LMS Insta on the jolt servers, although the close woven community that I used to be part of is now gone, which sucks the big one.

My nick in games is usually Saosin, so if you see me say hi.
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Unreal Nightmare! [26 Jul 2004|11:50am]
Oh no! My mom had to redo the hardrive so now my Unreal Tournament GOTY game was erased, along with my personal file! I was on the last assult mission! Damnit!

And, Oh yeah, I'm BOGWarrior, and I have UT GTOY. Wow, that was kinda obvious, based on the above.

Well, bye.
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