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i know this -IS- an unreal community but i might as well give it a shot

...is anyone going to quakecon? *dodges tomatoes and other objects thrown at him* >_>

i'm posting this since it's 14 days away. all kidding aside, i'm thinking that even though it's called quakecon, this year it'll be more like doom3con, but it's really not like everyone at the BYOC will be playing that and q3a the entire time. there are a few 2k4 BYOC insta/norm weap/CTF/TDM side tournaments planned along with the serious Q3A 1v1/CTF tournaments.

i really hope i'm not the only one in this community going D: i asked in a quake community and no one else sounds like they're coming.
(but i bet i'm going to have to try asking again when people AREN'T at CPL)
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