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Can't Access My Linux UT Server

Here's the scoop:

I am running UT GOTY (436 patch) on Windows XP SP2.  I have cable internet, and my home network is routed through a DLink DI-524 router.

Yesterday I was playing an internet game, hosted on my machine.  I have the port forwarding set up on my router so that port 7777 was forwarded to the machine I was playing on.  My friend was able to connect to my game by using the IP that the outside world sees for me.  All was good.

Today I decided to set up a dedicated server on my Debian Linux box.  I got the server and everything installed and running.  It works fine.  I changed the port forwarding on the router to point 7777 to the linux box instead of the windows box. I also set up port forwarding on 7778 for the server web admin.

The problem is this:

I'm not able to connect to the server from the windows box using the outside world IP address.  I can get in and play on it just fine if I use the local IP that I have assigned to it on my LAN, but it cannot be accessed outside my LAN.

So, can anybody tell me why it doesn't appear to be forwarding the ports? Is there something different I have to do with Linux for port forwarding to work?
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